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watermark marina wedding | lauren+randy

Well, I may be down with a horrific head cold, but at least it’s forcing me to slow down and post some pictures today, right?

This wedding happened in early July, at the Watermark Marina in Wilmington, right on the Cape Fear River. If that sounds like an unbearably humid, hot location and time of year for a wedding, well, it was :). But you know what’s so magical about weddings, dance parties, and booze? No one ever complains about the little things. That’s the trick – give your guests enough food, music, and beer and you can hold the wedding in the middle of winter in an unheated room. They don’t care, they just wanna celebrate!

Among my favorite memories from this wedding are Lauren’s hilarious sense of humor and the fact that she apparently lacks the gene that eventually mutates into the bridezilla factor. I mean, you can’t get further away from bridezilla than Lauren – she didn’t even know what her centerpieces would look like until she got to her reception… and that didn’t bother her AT ALL. Imagine how much nicer life would be if we were all so laid back and easygoing?

While we searched for fun places to take newlywed photos after the ceremony, I almost stepped on a copperhead. A lot of couples would see that happen and be all, “Oh HELL no we’re not standing in this crazy tall grass for pictures, you crazy photographer.” Not them. They were like, “Whatever. Snake Schmake.” And then they made out in the same tall grass where the snakes live. Man I love adventurous people!

Oh, and this was an INSANE dance party – serious unstoppable sweaty dancing all. night. long. I don’t know where people find the energy to keep going sometimes. I’m just glad we get to watch and record it, and no one expects us to dance.