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our kid raves about us (a guest post by Ellie)



Hi, I’m Ellie, also known as Miss Bean, Bean bop, Bean Machine, Butter Bean, Bean Butt, Butter Boo, Bean Pop…I think you get the point. Just call me Miss Bean. You might have heard of me on this website, but I’ll refresh your memory. Here’s a picture of me.

Of course, that was when I was eight-I have longer hair now.

Not only are Mike and Charo the best parents ever, they are so good at photography, because they are very experienced photographers. My favorite wedding they shot was one of an Indian wedding-Priya and Mike. You should check out the pictures there, they are so beautiful!

If you’re getting married and are looking for top and experienced photographers, I suggest hiring Charo and Mike. They are a team and always shoot weddings together. I’ve seen most of the weddings they have shot, and maybe someday I’ll see your wedding pictures, too!