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Jaclyn + Greg | a Wedding in Downtown Wilmington

“Then put your little hand in mine
There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

I got you babe”
~Sonny and Cher

Déjà vu warning: a lot of the guests in these photos will look suspiciously familiar to regular readers of the blog.  Only six days earlier, most of us were together at Courtney and Eric’s wedding.  They didn’t coordinate it that way, but four of our friends managed to plan their weddings within six days of each other, AND we were asked to photograph both of them.  And once again, it was a wedding that we would have been delighted to attend as guests, but were beyond honored to have been chosen as documentarians instead.  We weren’t the only “friendors” (friend vendors) at the wedding – the honorable Eric Lawson, ordained minister AND frontman for local rockabilly band The Phantom Playboys officiated, while our good friend and one of the best bartenders in town, Kris, tended bar, and another friend and quite possibly the goofiest bartender in town, Jamie, managed the music and announcements.

I started my day at the Hilton Riverside for Jac’s getting ready photos, but she got sick of being stuck in a hotel room so far from the venue, so we trucked over to Events On Front where the ceremony and reception would take place, and finished getting ready there.  Mike started his day across from Events, at our favorite downtown bar (and sometimes second home), Cape Fear Wine and Beer, to wait for Greg and Greg’s best man and big brother Karl to arrive.

The ceremony… gosh, you know… it isn’t often that we get to shoot a ceremony in a smaller room with good acoustics.  We’re usually stuck in the way-way-back of a cavernous venue, or outside fighting the wind and the sun.  Hearing the vows is a special treat.  It’s one thing to watch two of your friends pledge their lives to one another, but to actually hear their words?  To hear the way their voices crack, the way all the untold stories seep out in their tones, their laughter, their stifled tears.  Well, it’s just really something.  These photographers were teary messes at the end of the aisle.

Further down this post, you’ll see a black and white image of the quiet moment that followed Eric pronouncing them husband and wife.  That embrace, for me, said everything about this wedding and this couple.