Jim + Brian | A Jewish Wedding at the Matthews House in Cary

In the fourteen years I’ve been shooting weddings fulltime, I’ve shot on my birthday six times.  Think about that – six out of fourteen years, my birthday falls on the happiest day of someone else’s life.

There’s something about a September 27th couple.  Maybe it’s just a spot of melancholy on my part, turning a year older as I document a couple starting a new life together.  Maybe it’s because September 27th is a magical date, I don’t know.  But every single time we shoot on that date, we experience something spectacular.  Something we’ll never, ever see again.  The type of people, the type of wedding, the type of love that only comes once in a lifetime.  Or six times in fourteen years.  But, who’s counting?

Jim and Brian had that kind of day.  The intricately custom designed, hand cut, hand lettered, jaw-dropping ketubah.  The kindness in Brian’s eyes.  The way Jim brightened up even the darkest corners of every room with just his smile and exclamations.  The remembrances, the significance of being able to legally get married in North Carolina, the tears that welled up in my eyes knowing that this wedding wouldn’t have been (legally) possible just one year earlier.  The traditions, so lovingly kept and beautifully revered.

Like I said.  September 27th weddings are always something special.

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